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  • 12 sachets each box
  • Step 1 x 1, Step 2 x 1, Step 4 x 1, Pro-Actizyme x 2, Step 3 x 2. 7 boxes in total for each set.
  • ~2 weeks usage (depending on your consumption pattern)

  • Suitable for festivals where you eat and drink a lot or on days when you travel abroad and eat a lot
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Limited Time Offer

Buy 3 get 1 free, buy 5 get 2 free for all slimming drinks and packages (applicable to same type only)

Reduce fat and eat together! Christmas, Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival and other festivals / long holiday travel essentials

Does losing weight mean becoming a gourmet insulator? After every quarter, you get fat like a ball, but you have tried all ways to lose weight, even taking diet pills without success? Relatives and friends have a meal, and you need to count calories when eating, thinking about how to lose body fat, and worrying about how to lose belly? No way!

Enjoy the delicacy and happiness of a big meal, and at the same time, the progress of self-cultivation and weight loss will not stop!

Based on the super-popular & best-selling Intense Plus++ formula, the ~Intense PLUS Extra is officially launched!

You only need one inch of space in the bag to hold the triangle for fat reduction, detoxification, and de-edema. With the metabolic rate & fat-burning power compound, we no longer look swollen after the festival!

🔄 One set cycle = 14 days, enough to cover long holidays, festivals, and travel!

Accelerates the detoxification function: clears the toxins eaten in large quantities, clears the stool + removes edema, solid + liquid toxins Don't stop!

Add oil-absorbing elements: Put the sugar-locking + oil-absorbing sponge into the stomach before eating, the locking sugar-absorbing oil + fat-burning power is linked, the energy Double UP++!

Maintain metabolic function: increase the intake of lean bacteria, and cooperate with comprehensive enzymes to prevent good bacteria from spoiling due to overeating and slowing metabolism!

Even Vivien can lose weight even after giving birth to two babies within three years! Reduce belly, beauty legs, zero difficulty!


Personalized S-Body Solutions

✅ Attention to first-time users: The slimming product set is composed of multi-national patented ingredient formulas, and the effect of different formulas will be multiplied when ingested at the right time, so the effect is very significant! Therefore, if you are trying it for the first time, we recommend that you start with STEP 4 after breakfast, and try one of STEP 3 or A after lunch and dinner, and then gradually increase the dosage depending on your gastrointestinal adaptation.

✅ Solid VS liquid toxins: The accumulation of toxins will affect the body's fat-reducing function and metabolic cycle, so you need to use products with detoxification effect according to the schedule to improve the detox function, so that the lean bacteria can exert the maximum effect.

You can decide whether to choose STEP 1 or STEP 4 in the morning depending on your detox status/eating condition of the day. If the detox went smoothly the day before or if you did not eat too much, you can use STEP 4 in the morning to remove edema and clear liquid toxins.

✅ If you are afraid of trouble when you go out to eat a big meal on the same day / if you are afraid that you will not be able to drink Pro-Actizyme after a meal, you can choose to mix STEP 3 with Lean Bacteria and drink it with 500ml of room temperature water and drink it with meals.

✅ Customized slimming schedule: You can fine-tune your own schedule according to your needs, so that the product can work even better.

Example 1. If you want to eat Brunch on the same day, you can change the Step 3+ Pro-Actizyme to breakfast time as a meal drink, and then move the original morning detoxification afterwards.

Example 2. The "Day 7" on the schedule can be adjusted according to your own needs. It does not have to be on the seventh day, nor does it have to be. If you have a whole week of big dinner dates, you can push it forward or postpone it, and choose a day without a meal gathering as "Day 7"; if you eat wickedly all week, just cancel "Day 7" and continue How to drink on day 5/6.

✅ After the 14-day cycle is completed, if you do not continue to eat and drink, you can switch back to the Intense Plus/ Intense/ Normal Programme to continue using this product to slim down or maintain your body shape.


Slim drink preparation method

Step 1-4: Mix 200-500ml room temperature water

Pro-Actizyme: Mix 50-100ml room temperature water



The product ingredients are natural and contain dietary fiber. There are no chemical ingredients and preservatives added to make powder dry, so there may be agglomeration during preparation. Use a spoon to press the powder evenly. In addition, because the product has no added preservatives, please drink immediately after mixing. We also provide an electric shaker (purchase separately), making it more convenient to go out to blend and drink.

Consume at least 2 liters of water every day, because water can remove toxins + the intestine needs a medium for culturing good bacteria.

Each person's constitution is different. It is recommended that first-time users try it about a week in advance to understand gastrointestinal reactions in advance.


There are 12 sachets in each box.
Sure! Perfect Body Collection is food instead of drugs. You can drink as normal during menstrual period.

Step1234 and Pro-Actizyme are not medicines. It doesn't matter if you forget or drink it wrong. It won't cause any adverse reaction. Just adjust it next time would be fine! After all, each step has different effects, it is best to follow the correct drinking time.

Step 1 kiwi
Step 2 lychee
Step 3 grape
Step 4 peach
Pro-Actizyme lemon

Yes, but it is not recommended to be too close between the two drinks. It is better to be at least 30mins away from Step 1,2,3,4 and Pro-Actizyme.


1. People who are pregnant, planning for pregnancy, breast-feeding for babies, taking medications or have stomachache are not recommended to consume this product, or consult your healthcare professional or doctor before taking this product. 2. This product series (except for Step 2 and Pro-ACTIZYME) contains green tea extract, Brazilian cacao extract, green coffee bean extract, etc., which contain trace amounts of caffeine ingredients. People who are allergic to tea/caffeine should avoid drinking it, or consult a health consultant before drinking. 3. Effect varies from individuals.

4. INTENSE PLUS++ PROGRAMME SUPER VALUE PACK - FAT CELL BREAKING TYPE has two types of packaging - individual boxes and gift box. By default, we ship out orders from Hong Kong, Macau and China by using individual boxes, and overseas orders would get gift set packaging. If you wish to have specific type of packaging, please remark it in order note area, drop us a message or e-mail us at We will try our best to arrange for you if possible (depending on actual inventory status).

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