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Eating only one meal a day? Taking western medicine to lose weight? Liposuction?" OH NO~ Please abandon incorrect weight loss concepts❌! These methods may give you immediate results, but the health risks associated with them are actually greater than what you can imagine!

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Editor: We often receive private messages from customers asking us 'Can STEP 2 & 3 be consumed together in the same meal?'. Of course, it's possible! The role of STEP 2 is to prevent excessive sugar and fat absorption, control appetite, and greatly enhanced feeling of fullness⬆️~ STEP 3 can wrap the oil and then excrete it from the body, while burning body fat🔥, easily eliminating stubborn fat in difficult-to-lose areas throughout the body (SAY BYE~). So as a foodie, the editor must drink STEP 2 30 minutes before consuming oily food/big meals and use STEP 3 as a meal substitute during the meal! I can only say that the body shaping effect is particularly amazing😎, especially for belly fat! You can also try it out!