To all merchants stealing our spokesperson photos for commercial purpose

VY Beauty Store hereby declares that any misappropriation/modification of endorser Vivien Yeo's photos, or the misappropriation of brand trademarks, brand names, pictures, and text for false publicity is illegal.

According to Laws of Hong Kong, if any person by any deceit (whether or not the deceit is the sole or main inducement) and with intent to defraud induces another person to commit an act or make an omission, which results either—
(a)in benefit to any person other than the second-mentioned person; or
(b)in prejudice or a substantial risk of prejudice to any person other than the first-mentioned person,
the first-mentioned person commits the offence of fraud and is liable on conviction upon indictment to imprisonment for 14 years.

According to Laws of Malaysia, 41(1) (a) to (f), any person who during the subsistence of copyright in a work
or performers’ right, has in his possession, custody or control, otherwise than
for his private and domestic use, any infringing copy, or removes or alters any electronic rights management
information referred to in section 36B without authority, shall, unless he is able to prove that he had acted in good faith and had no reasonable grounds for supposing that copyright or performers’ right would or might thereby be infringed, be guilty of an offence and shall on conviction be liable.

We will resort to legal action to avoid damage to our goodwill, confusion of the market with inferior products, and damage to consumers' rights and interests, and will never be lenient.

To Consumers

In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, we hereby declare to remind: the official sales channels of VY Beauty Store are limited to:

a)VY Beauty Store - Official online store
b)VY Beauty Store - Taobao Store
c)VY Beauty Store - Shopee Store
d)VY Beauty Store - Lazada Flagship Store
e)VY Beauty Store - Hong Kong Causeway Bay Flagship Store

Only by purchasing products through the official sales channel of VY Beauty Store can you truly get good after-sales service and protect your consumer rights.