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MissT is back after two months to share her body shaping achievements with us~

During these two months, Miss T's weight has dropped from 79.8kg to 75.2kg, bidding farewell to another 4.6kg of flesh👋👋~ Not only did her weight decrease, the effect was also directly reflected on her body. The excess fat in her belly and waist has reduced even further, and it is not as protruding as before 😍!

Actually, the editor has been receiving many private messages from customers, telling us that during the MCO period, they were always at home, eating, drinking, sleeping, and the amount of exercise reduced significantly, leading to a significant increase in their weight... With Miss T's achievement during this period, are you also a bit envious🥺? (Looking at MissT's before-and-after photos while drinking, and then looking at your own body that has not improved!) The editor agrees😩, but I am a girl who loves sweets, and not eating sweets is like losing the meaning of life~ (Hehe, is it too exaggerated?) So why bother torturing yourself? Just eat it😳, but I will definitely drink STEP 2 - Sugar and Fat Block 30 minutes before eating desserts. It can effectively block fat formation and sugar absorption, and also help to adjust the appetite, so you don't have to worry about over-absorption🙆‍♀️! If you want to shape your body effortlessly, you must try it out!