【#Vivien Yeo’s Beauty & Lifestyle】How can the skin become whiter by diet?

【#Vivien Yeo’s Beauty & Lifestyle】怎樣才會讓皮膚越吃越白?

As a girl who loves beauty, I would like to share more knowledge about melanin with you!

Firstly, melanin is a naturally occurring pigment that is primarily produced to protect our skin from UV damage. When the skin is exposed to sunlight, UV radiation stimulates melanocytes in the skin to produce and release melanin, which then accumulates in the skin's outer layer to form pigmentation, thus serving to protect the skin.

In addition, changes in hormone levels, stress, certain medications, and other factors may also stimulate the activity of melanocytes, resulting in excessive production of melanin and the appearance of skin problems such as dark spots and pigmentation.


1) How can we reduce the formation of melanin?

First of all, it is important to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. This is because ultraviolet radiation in sunlight can stimulate the production of melanin, which can lead to skin problems such as dark spots and pigmentation. Therefore, if it is necessary to go outside, we can wear longer clothing or use sun protection items like hats to minimize the amount of skin exposed to sunlight.

Secondly, we should use sunscreen products. Sunscreen products can effectively reduce the damage of UV rays to the skin, thereby reducing the formation of melanin. We should choose sunscreen products that are suitable for our skin type and SPF value, use them regularly, and reapply them promptly after exposure to the sun.


2) Using whitening skincare products

Whitening skincare products are one of the methods to reduce the formation of melanin, as these products typically contain ingredients that can reduce the formation of melanin. For example, ingredients such as vitamin C derivatives and arbutin can effectively inhibit the generation and synthesis of melanin. However, using whitening skincare products cannot completely replace other protective measures such as avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight and using sunscreen products. Only by taking comprehensive protective measures can better results be achieved in reducing melanin.

However, when choosing whitening products, we need to pay attention to our own skin condition and be aware of the proper usage and frequency to avoid unnecessary burdens on the skin. If your skin is prone to allergies or other issues, it is best to consult a professional dermatologist or beautician for advice to ensure that the selected whitening products are harmless to skin health.

3) How can one make their skin appear whiter through diet?

To make the skin whiter, we can start from the aspect of diet:

Firstly, eating more fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C such as citrus, strawberries, kiwi, lemon and others is recommended. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can effectively inhibit melanin production while promoting collagen synthesis, which can help improve skin elasticity and brightness.

Next, consuming nuts that are rich in vitamin E, such as walnuts, almonds, and cashews, is recommended. Vitamin E can help protect the skin from free radical damage, while promoting blood circulation, resulting in a more radiant complexion.

These foods are beneficial to the skin, and we can incorporate them into our diet to achieve a fairer complexion while also maintaining healthy skin. However, it is important to consume them in moderation as overconsumption can also have negative effects.


My daily skincare tips:

Daily, it's important to supplement collagen to maintain healthy skin. Exposure to UV radiation can damage the elastic fibers and collagen in the dermis of the skin, leading to continuous loss of collagen. Drinking a glass of CURVE UP+ and taking GLOWHITE daily can help prevent the formation of dark spots and achieve whitening effects. The combination of both can help maintain a smooth and fair complexion.