【#Vivien Yeo’s Beauty & Lifestyle】Dessert lovers must see this! We will teach you how to enjoy sweet treats without gaining weight, while also promoting younger-looking skin!

【#Vivien Yeo’s Beauty & Lifestyle】甜品控必看!教你如何吃得甜又不胖,同時讓肌膚更年輕!

I wonder if everyone shares the same love for desserts as I do. I always make sure to have one sweet treat a day to indulge in good food and boost my mood. However, overindulging may lead to concerns about weight gain and potential negative effects on the skin. The impact of excessive sugar intake on the skin is apparent, as it accelerates the ageing of skin cells, leading to dryness and roughness. Additionally, it stimulates glycation in the body, causing protein and sugar molecules to combine and damage collagen in the skin, resulting in ageing symptoms such as sagging skin and wrinkles.


Today, I am going to share with you my small secret to maintaining healthy skin, so that you can enjoy your favorite desserts without worrying about skin ageing:


  1.  Increasing physical activity to boost metabolism

Regular aerobic or anaerobic exercise can metabolize excess sugar, reduce sugar accumulation in tissue cells, promote body metabolism, accelerate body detoxification, and maintain healthy skin. As a busy parent of two children and a business owner, I don't have much spare time for exercise. As many of you know, I prefer to replace exercise with brisk walking as it is simple and convenient. Perhaps in the summer, swimming with my children once or twice a week can help accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, and burn fat.


  1.  Homemade desserts
When making homemade sugar water or cakes, you can control the amount of sugar yourself. By controlling sugar intake, you can still enjoy the pleasure of eating sweets while reducing their negative impact. I like to drink STEP 2 30 minutes before eating desserts to prevent the formation of fat and block the absorption of sugar.


  1.  Consuming more foods that are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C

Increasing consumption of foods that are rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, strawberries, and kiwis, can enhance the skin's anti-ageing and antioxidant capabilities, promote collagen formation, and effectively prevent free radical damage due to their natural vitamin C content. Taking GLOWHITE + CURVE UP daily can also help reduce wrinkles and ageing signs while improving skin health from within.


  1.  The best time to enjoy desserts

I recently came across a nutritionist's online sharing, stating that there are three best times to consume desserts while avoiding two time periods that are not ideal for dessert consumption. The three best times are in the morning, after meals, and two hours after exercise. On the other hand, consuming desserts in the evening or before bed may lead to weight gain and increase the risk of gastroesophageal reflux. Therefore, selecting the appropriate time to enjoy desserts is crucial to reduce the risk of weight gain.


Both good food and beauty are essential in life. I hope everyone can enjoy delicious food while maintaining healthy and beautiful skin and a fit body, and become happy and beautiful women!