【#Vivien Yeo's Beauty & Lifestyle】Learn about the new trend of modern whitening! Come and learn about the whitening tips of artists

【#Vivien Yeo's Beauty & Lifestyle】認識現代美白新趨勢!來了解女藝人的美白小貼士


I am very happy to be back in Malaysia! The weather here is great. As someone who loves summer, I don't have to worry about the cold weather making my children catch a cold. I can take my children swimming and get close to nature. In this sunny place, the chances of getting a tan have also increased. In addition to losing weight, one of the lifetime goals for women is to whiten their skin! In the past, we only followed the trend of extremely white skin, which resulted in our faces being painted super white and looking very different from the skin on our necks. However, modern whitening is not just about this. It includes brighten sallow skin, lighten spots and blemishes, even skin tone, and sun protection, among others. These are the new trends in modern whitening.


Is autumn and winter the best season for whitening?

As someone from Malaysia, which has a tropical rainforest climate that is hot all year round with high UV index, my skin is not very white to begin with. When I came to Hong Kong, I noticed that my skin became a little lighter, especially in autumn and winter! After observing for so many years, I found that autumn and winter is really the best season for whitening! The reason why whitening effects are better in winter is because the UVA in winter is only one fifth of that in summer, the UV intensity is relatively low, and the chances of getting a tan are relatively lower. In addition, the dry environment makes us more moisturized, and moisturization can enhance melanin metabolism. So if you want to show off smooth, white skin in the spring, start your whitening project now!


Personal experience! Actress's tips for whitening

  1. Dietary habits

  • Drink lemon and barley water

In the past, when I had long waiting times for filming, it was a bit boring to just drink water, so I would prepare a bottle of lemon and barley water for myself. Lemon is full of vitamin C and has antioxidant effects, which can resist free radicals and damage to skin cells, inhibit the formation of melanin. In addition, adding barley can help us eliminate excess sodium and water in the body, which helps with edema, and makes us look even better in the mirror.


Instructions: After boiling the barley water, wait for it to cool to room temperature and then add lemon slices/juice (to avoid destroying vitamin C during the heating process), and drink it as soon as possible, do not store it for a few days.


  •  Eat less high sugar foods

I just mentioned that whitening includes brighten sallow skin . If your face is yellowish, do you particularly love sweet foods? One of the reasons our skin becomes sallow is because we consume too much sugar, which causes glycation of the skin and turns collagen into yellow, making it look darker and yellowish. In order to maintain smooth, white skin when looking in the mirror, I usually try to eat less things with high sugar content as much as possible.


  1. Lifestyle habits

  • Apply sunscreen

Regardless of the UV index, apply sunscreen before going out to protect the skin from damage. If I am generally staying indoors, I will choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 to 50, which is enough protection. If I will be staying outdoors for a long time, I will choose a sunscreen with SPF 50+ and apply it regularly to prevent damage to the skin from UV rays. Most importantly, do not skimp on the amount, otherwise applying it is the same as not applying it at all.


  • Hold an umbrella, wear longsleeves, and wear a hat

The most direct way to prevent sunburn is through holding an umbrella, wearing long-sleeved clothing, and wearing a hat, which directly separates your skin from UV rays.


  1. Choice of skincare products
  • Skin care products/body milk

In addition to preventing tanning, proper moisturization is also important for enhancing melanin metabolism for whitening. When the skin's moisture content is increased through sufficient moisturization, the skin will appear white and glossy. If you want to whiten a specific area - lighten spots and freckles, you can apply a whitening essence, such as products containing Mandelic Acid or Arbutin. Finally, be sure to apply enough moisturizing cream to enhance the whitening effect. When choosing acid products, do not use products with too high concentration at the beginning to avoid overstimulating the skin and causing allergic reactions. In addition to whitening your face, don't forget to whiten your body to avoid color differences. Develop the habit of applying whitening body milk after bathing every day, not only to whiten and moisturize the skin, but also to prevent skin aging and even out skin tone.


  • Regular exfoliation

If you have done the above steps but still feel that the whitening effect is not sufficient, it may be due to an overly thick cuticle layer. When the cuticle layer accumulates on the body, it makes you look a little darker. Depending on the condition of your skin, exfoliate once or twice a week. We need to be careful in choosing exfoliating products. If you have sensitive skin, try not to use scrub to avoid overstimulating the skin and causing allergic reactions. Choose gel-like products that are milder.


  • Skin whitening supplement

If your skin cannot tolerate acidic skincare products but you still want to whiten your skin, you can try taking skin whitening supplement. CM LESS GLOWHITE whitening supplement can help you achieve deep whitening effects. It increases the glutathione whitening content, making the skin all over your body white and translucent. It combines three functions: sunscreen, anti-spots and lighten sallow skin. It prevents aging caused by UV rays and achieves a medical-grade whitening effect. It also contains no harmful ingredients, so you can use it with confidence.