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Intense PLUS ++

Even if there is not much time exercise for Vivien to lose weight or do meal prep, within 3 months after giving birth, she still can slim down just like before giving birth, and wear the jeans she was wearing before giving birth.

Eat happily without worrying your body fat!

Is it a must for you to avoid delicacies during slimming process?

Never succeed even you have tried slimming pills?

Are you calculating your calories intake and macro up to 0.1g?

Always thinking of reducing body fat and waistline?


No way!

Enjoy delicacies without stopping your slimming process!

It only take a little space in your wallet for your body fat guardian.

Protect your S-Body goddess figure with the extra power of fat burning and patented ingredient based S-Body formula!

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✅ 8 Boxes each set

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Patented Ingredient Formula

Products are formulated with high-concentration multi-national patented ingredients, and the proportion of ingredients has been carefully calculated. The packaging is printed with various patent numbers. In addition, products are from manufacturer with GMP, ISO 9001 and HACCP 9000 to guarantee the process is safe and hygienic.

Personalized Schedule

We refuse to distribute "one-stop solutions", because a lot of journals have proven that even effective ingredients should be ingested at the right timing to unleash its effect to the max! The drinking schedule could be fully tailormade according to your diet and habits, ensuring the product to exert the strongest effect!

Safe - Zero Harm to Health

Let's get slim in a healthy way! Products have been inspected by an independent laboratory recognized by the Hong Kong government. Products do not contain any prohibited western medicines, e.g. laxatives, diet pills, etc. (such as Sibutramine). It will not cause headache, dizziness, uncontrolled oil discharge, etc.

User Feedback

Tailor-made Slimming Schedule

Fine-tune your own slimming schedule according to your needs for a better effect.

Time Adjustment

You can adjust the time and sequence according to the actual diet of the day. For example, if you want to eat a greasy brunch that day and skip lunch, you can change the Step 3 + Pro-Actizyme Combination to breakfast time, and then detox at a later time.

Days Adjustment

"Day 7" can be adjusted as needed, not necessarily on the 7th day. If you are eating big meals throughout the week non-stop, you can move forward or postpone "Day 7"; if you have been eating heavily, cancel "Day 7" and continue the pattern on 5th/6th day.

Combination Adjustment

Choose STEP 1 or 4 in the morning depending on the detox status/eating condition of the day. If the detoxification went smoothly the day before or if you did not eat too much, you can use STEP 4 in the morning to remove liquid toxins.

✅ Note for first-time users: This product formula is composed of patented ingredient from different countries, and the effects  will mutiply when ingested at the right time as per instructed. Therefore, if you are 1st time user, we recommend that you start with STEP 4 after breakfast, and try either STEP 3 or A after lunch and dinner, and then gradually increase the dosage depending on your gastrointestinal adaptation process.


Sold out

✅ Stock available

✅ Step 1 x 1, Step 2 x 1, Step 4 x 1, Pro-Actizyme x 1, Step 3 x 4. 8 boxes in total for each set.

✅ Free shipping in Hong Kong over HK$1,000 | Free shipping in Macau and China over HK$1,500 | Free shipping in overseas over HK$2,500


Shipping Fee, Free Shipping Offer, Delivery Arrangement

Shipping Fee

Hong Kong:HK$50 per order

China & Macau:HK$80 per order

Overseas:HK$300 per order


Free Shipping Arrangement

Hong Kong:Free shipping for orders exceeding HK$1,000

China & Macau:Free shipping for orders exceeding HK$1,500

Overseas:Free shipping for orders exceeding HK$2,500



We will arrange the delivery within 1-2 working days after receiving the payment. You will receive an e-mail notification with your parcel tracking number upon order fulfillment.

Hong Kong:SF Express(Fill in code for SF Pickup point or EF Locker if needed)

Macau:Macau Post

China:China SF Express


How many sachets are there?

Each box contains 12 sachets.

All products are individually packaged, only 15cm long, which can easily fit into any bag or long wallet.

How to drink?

Step 1,2,3,4:Dilute with 200-500mL room temperature water.

Pro-Actizyme:Dilute with 50-100mL room temperature water.

What do we need to pay attention to?

  1. The ingredients are natural, highly concentrated, and contain dietary fiber. There are no chemical ingredients added to make the powder dry, so there may be some caking after adding water in. Gently press the powder with a spoon will solve this problem.
  2. All slimming products have no added preservatives, so it is recommended to drink immediately after water is added in. Use electric shaker sold in our store for a more convenient experience.
  3. Consume at least 2 liters of water every day, because water can help detox quicker and the intestine needs a medium for culturing good bacteria.

Can we drink it during menstruation?

Sure! Intense Plus++ is food instead of drugs. You can drink as normal during menstrual period.

What if I missed out or taken the product at the wrong time slot?

Step1234 and Pro-Actizyme are not medicine. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you forgot to drink it or drank at a wrong time slot. It won't cause any adverse effect. Just adjust it back next time would do! However, each step has different effects, please try your best to follow the correct drinking time.

Can we drink tea/ coffee when taking Intense Plus++?

Yes, but it is not recommended to consume two drinks at the same time. It would be better to be at least 30mins away from Step 1,2,3,4 and Pro-Actizyme.

Will we suffer from diarrhea/ uncontrollable oil excretion after using Step 1234?

Step1234 and Pro-Actizyme are not medicine.

You will not have diarrhea/ uncontrollable oil excretion after drinking.

Who is unsuitable for this product?

People who are pregnant, planning for pregnancy, breast-feeding for babies, taking medications or have stomachache are not recommended to consume this product, or consult your healthcare professional or doctor before taking this product.

Customer Note

1. People who are pregnant, planning for pregnancy, breast-feeding for babies, taking medications or have stomachache are not recommended to consume this product, or consult your healthcare professional or doctor before taking this product.

2. This product series (except for Step 2 and Pro-ACTIZYME) contains green tea extract, Brazilian cacao extract, green coffee bean extract, etc., which contain trace amounts of caffeine ingredients. People who are allergic to tea/caffeine should avoid drinking it, or consult a health consultant before drinking.

3. Effect varies from individuals.

4. INTENSE PLUS++ PROGRAMME SUPER VALUE PACK - FAT CELL BREAKING TYPE has two types of packaging - individual boxes and gift box. By default, we ship out orders from Hong Kong, Macau and China by using individual boxes, and overseas orders would get gift set packaging. If you wish to have specific type of packaging, please remark it in order note area, drop us a message or e-mail us at shipping@vivipowerholding.com. We will try our best to arrange for you if possible (depending on actual inventory status).